Élan n You 

 smart you. sharp you.

Who We Are

We are the first lifestyle and grooming service providers in the country. We are an innovation.


                                                                  WE are YOU.


We believe lifestyle is not just a habitual trend in the style in which a person dresses, but it is distinctive. It is what sets you apart. It is who you are.


Fashion and grooming are much more than aesthetic values, they are tools to express yourself. Needless to say, different occasions demand different clothing as well as different moods. They way you address, the way you interact, the way you present – all these are but your grooming. Your grooming is your attitude. Your attire, your looks is fashion. And both the elements complement each other to make you who you are. You are your personality. Your style. And your style is your impression! Isn’t it?


We at Elan n you... understand your lifestyle needs. We understand you are a performer. And that you need a medium to express yourself, to tell your story. We aspire to help create the medium for you. Through fashion.  Through fitness. Through grooming.


Let’s connect then, shall we?